Dry Ground

By Jack Wolf

This past summer here in western Canada was one of the driest on record. There was minimal rain here in what is normally a temperate rainforest for June and in July and August it was practically non-existent. Weather like this, I have been told, is extremely rare, though there have been instances of it – spaced out over the decades of the twentieth century before us. But it was rare.

Finally, in the last week of August and into the first week of September, we started to get rain. I am happy to see that we got what we missed in the summer given back to us – and more – over about a week’s time. Yet this kind of thing is not normal. It is not the way things are supposed to be – and have been for thousands of years.

Already, with the rain, people are starting to get complacent; starting to get this ‘oh well we can go back to normal’ attitude – as if after all that has happened; after the weather catastrophes on all seven continents; after all the death and destruction – that there can ever again be a ‘normal’.

Things are changing, spiralling out of control in some cases and gradually turning toward grim times in other areas. Elders have told me over time that the planet changes in cycles over the greater span of time and that human foolishness has happened to coincide with one of these planetological epochs. In my own tradition, many years ago, Elders and sages were warning of this kind of thing.

Now these things are coming to pass – not only in this land or that; no longer far away or across the seas: They are happening right in our back yard. Its in our face right now and if we don’t react in a constructive way – NOW – we are going to be in for more and more nasty surprises in the very near future.

I believe that nature is very patient with us. She gives us chances to effect repair and fix what we have broken. As a massive interconnected organism, Earth can heal herself. I have seen it happen.

But we need to act right now. The foolish rhetoric of the politicians who call for gradual emissions reductions over 100 years are utter jokes. The insane yapping of corporate heads who say climate change is a myth – well those idiots need help from mental health professionals. We don’t have 100 years folks. We will be lucky if we have 25.

So how can we, as concerned individuals, help the world heal herself? Well different people have different opinions, but most will agree that the damage being done by big oil and other world killers needs to stop and stop very soon. Alternative energy sources need to be stepped up – like, yesterday. Re-greening has to occur immediately. As individuals if we do things to reduce or eliminate our carbon footprint and pollution levels this will be a start. Working with local volunteer groups to manage the environment is another way and simple education of those who are willing to learn can go a long way.

On the spiritual level we should be out there speaking with our local wights/spirit folk and working to re-establish hale relationships. There is nothing wrong with apologizing to the air or the water on behalf of our species and humbly trying to help make things right. The ancestors too can lend a hand: They rely on us to be their representatives in this time frame. Anything they are able to do to help they usually will do – often this comes to us through wisdom or intuitions passed along through the void.

The Elder Kin, Gods and Goddesses as some refer to them are also there to be consulted and worked with. There is an old Native American saying: “The Elders are watching.” And this is true too. They watch to see what we will do – will we be worthy to survive?

Nature has many variations of her rules and codes for living here on this planet. In the Thornish tradition we call this the First Law – the Law of Nature. To Thornish people this is the ONLY law that counts and these days more than ever we are seeing tales of the ones who stood against the storm and were extinguished. We are not an interplanetary species with vast weather control technology. Despite our egos we are still quite subject to the rules of our homeworld. First Law will always triumph over our acts no matter what we do.

The best thing is to live in harmony.

For too long now – before any of us here were born – our world and our people have been manipulated and used and abused by a relatively small group of mentally depraved human beings. Our planet has suffered and now is on the verge of a great change – a great cleansing. It will be a matter of survival-of-the-fittest very soon now for most of us.

Best to do our part to prepare and to do what we can to repair the damage done on our own small levels.

I honestly do believe that the spirit folk are watching us; that the Elders are watching us. What the worthy do, here, now – that will not be forgotten.


About Jack Wolf

Canadian author Jack Wolf has been a practicing Pagan for over 30 years, walking a path that encompasses both his Northern European and Native American heritage. He counts the late Heathen Goði and writer E. Max Hyatt, Professor Mark Mirabello, Dakota tribal Chief William Hoff and American author Allan Cole among his mentors. An avid outdoorsman, Jack has spent a considerable portion of his life exploring the deep wilds of British Columbia, a vast province on Canada’s west coast. He brings a great deal of his wilderness experience to his spiritual path. Over the past 15 years Jack has studied and written about a number of northern pagan traditions, having published for the most part independently or in small journals, blogs or websites. His recent works for Mandrake of Oxford Have certainly opened up his writing to a larger audience. Jack is also the author of several other books, including Circle of Bones (2012), The Way of the Odin Brotherhood (2013), Blood and Stone (2014) co-author of Tales from the Red Moon Lodge (2014) and co-editor of A Voice from the Thornwood (winter 2014). Forthcoming works include The Thornish Path, Ullr’s Road and The Urban Tribalist, all of which are planned for a mid-2015 and early 2016 release respectively. Spiritually, Jack identifies himself generally as a Deep Tribalist and more specifically as Thornish. He is a member of a primal pagan tradition whose spiritual path involves questing for the First Knowledge – that held by our most ancient ancestors whose hearts and spirits were deeply connected to the land. The Thornish path is the way of the warrior-steward; a Deep Tribal tradition which Jack has practiced since the late 1980’s Jack holds a degree in anthropology from the world renowned University of British Columbia and has long held an avid interest in history, tribal peoples, spirituality and the reawakening of pagan peoples worldwide. He currently resides with his wife and co-author Cassandra Wolf and their daughter, in Squamish, British Columbia.
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