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Going Native

By Jack Wolf It happens almost every time I find myself in the bush – in the real bush that is: The edges of deep forest and mountainside…with trails, rivers and passes that lead off…somewhere.  What happens is that there … Continue reading

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The Custom of the Thornish Lore-Stone

By Jack Wolf The Thornish Lore-Stone is one of the most common outward symbols of a Thornish person. In its most basic form the Lore-Stone is a holed pendant which is hung on a thong or chain around one’s neck. … Continue reading

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Raven’s Creed

Raven’s Creed Ari Torinsson, better known by his tribal name of Raven,  was a founder of the tribal path we now think of as the Thornish tradition. He lived his life in the Warrior’s Way and brought much wisdom to … Continue reading

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The Road we Walk

By Björn Hammarson The people of the Thornish are here in the Middle World for a reason: We are here to re-learn how to be human beings as the Elder Kin intended us to be. Once we have re-learned how … Continue reading

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Finding the Vörd

By Jack Wolf The grey-bearded man sat quietly for long moments, cross-legged, in his place by the fire.  His deer hide hand-drum sat in his lap; motionless. From his place at the edge of the small fire, his camp behind … Continue reading

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Gateways to the Thornish World

By Jack Wolf My tradition started out in the form of secret society. The Thornish tradition, until fairly recently was not very big on the idea of writing things written down on paper and archiving them for later use. There … Continue reading

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Black Talisman

By Jack Wolf   The creation and ritual use of sacred implements is a deep tradition within the Thornwood. It has been thus since the time of our founders back in the mid twentieth century and these ways continue in … Continue reading

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