About this site

Here you will find a collection of work designed to allow the reader a glimpse into the world of the Thornish tradition. In particular, the work of the Red Moon Lodge of the Black Talon Society. The lion’s share of what is written here have been penned by myself (Jack Wolf), though there are also posts here which have been contributed by others who walk on the same path as I do.

In brief, the Thornish tradition is a unique Pagan culture that was founded in November of 1958. It is the descendant of an earlier manifestation of tribal spirit known as the Old Lodges, also of the Black Talon Society.

The purpose of the Thornish tradition today is to galvanize the members (and potential members) of this Deep Tribal society with the goal of creating warrior-caretakers and for repairing the imbalances created by human actions over time. The Thornish tradition serves to assist in the Rekindling; that is to aid in the reawakening of human beings to their true role, which is to act as stewards and protectors of the Earth, not as the despoilers of it.

It is hoped that this blog will provide a quantity of useful information to those who may be interested in understanding the Thornish path. In addition to this blog more information about who we are and what we do can be found at http://www.thornwoodpress.com  and through the various published writings of Thornish people including myself and my wife Cassandra.


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