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Gateways to the Thornish World – Part II

By Jack Wolf Awhile ago I posted an entry here entitled Gateways to the Thornish World. In that post I noted that I would follow up on the ideas discussed there so that those who were interested might have access … Continue reading

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Courage in the Darker Times

By Jack Wolf “A person who lives with a fear of death or suffering is generally incapable of seeking the First Knowledge. To seek the Black Root is the path of one who has taken courage as their closest companion.” … Continue reading

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Hearthmother’s Gift

A Thornish tale…As told by Jack Wolf In Thornish tradition there are many tales told around the fires. Most are the vehicles for stories of lessons learned, parables of wisdom or origin stories for our rites and customs. Here is … Continue reading

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Thornmark: Symbol of the Thornish Nation

It was during the winter season of 1958 – on the yuletide – that three Thornish brothers went off into the woods to seek solitude. They had only very recently established the Thornish tradition with several other men of tribal … Continue reading

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The Way of the Parasite

By Jack Wolf Over 30 years ago one of my great mentors, who was also my grandfather, told me that human beings were, more and more, falling into the trap of mental slavery due to money and material goods. He … Continue reading

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Dancing in the Vermilion Place

By Jack Wolf I sat in the position which has been called the Warrior’s Wait by those who taught me. This position is also known as the Seiza position in Japanese martial arts. It is a position in which a … Continue reading

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In Deeper Places

By Jack Wolf The Way of the Thornwood is a tradition which continually seeks understanding of the sacred Balance.  Like the tree in the wind the Thornish Way is rooted in deep time, yet flexible enough to sway in the winds … Continue reading

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