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Wolves that have lost the scent

By Jack Wolf I was watching a documentary about North American wildlife the other evening, when the program showed a fascinating section on wolves. In particular there was this pack of wolves up north who were tracking their prey (later … Continue reading

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Arrogance and death

By Jack Wolf Last night the smoke from the many forest fires surrounding my city turned my once bright neighborhood into something that looked like an apocalyptic nightmare. A thick, yellow and amber haze flowed through the streets like fog … Continue reading

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Remembering Ourselves

By Jack Wolf Back in the day, when I was a young person newly acquainted with the Thornish ways I came into contact with a Master of the tradition who went by the name of Shale. I never found out … Continue reading

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Releasing ourselves

By Jack Wolf These days I hear the world tribal bandied about quite a lot in the Pagan community. I especially hear this term used more and more in the heathen community. From the context in which I have heard … Continue reading

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